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Immersion School

​"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." - Albert Einstein
Preschool  (2~3才入園前) プリスクール

Preschool is a 2-hour immersion class. Children develop fine- and gross-motor skills, critical thinking skills, and social skills, while also hearing and formulating the sounds of the English language. We use music, exercise, art, free play, books, and sensory activities—providing many opportunities to speak and engage in English in a natural and calm environment. Children may enroll anytime during the year after their 2nd birthday (or in some cases earlier if previously attending the Baby Class.)


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Kind​ (3~6才幼稚園生) キンディー

Children will have an American-style kindergarten experience, with native English-speaking teachers.

For every teacher, there are 6 students. The number of students is low, to ensure quality personal interaction in English. Because the teacher is able to closely monitor each student and coach their work, our expectation of children's progress is high.

Parents receive detailed updates of their child's progress, behavior, and what is being studied during the year. Parents are also able to attend classes on special seasonal events. 




For more course information, schedule, pricing, etc.


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